DIGISOL’s experience escalating nearly two Decades, making DIGISOL an authentic choice for the consultancy services for your Broadcast and Technology Infrastructure businesses. Having the learning curve of SD, HD and 4K eras, we are not only experts in integrations but in guiding our clients to achieve their goals with efficient and effective planning and approach. We provide consultancy from the feasibility level to finishing of the projects. Broadcast & Technical Services division has a vast experience of handling large scale projects.


Our Best Physiognomies Are

Building Design Liaison

Our Agile team has highest tendencies to create Liaison with Architects, Builders, and Technical & Engineering Counterparts to provide an effective team to align all project resources in right direction eliminating all bottleneck and pitfalls.

Technical Design

We Provide Designs and schematics for the core systems and infrastructure. From Video Circuitries to Patching Bays, Central Apparatus Rooms to Master Control Rooms, Studios to Production Control Rooms; their Standard Orientations and furniture designs based on Technical Compliance, Esthetics and Ergonomics.

Project Planning

Our intelligent approach toward critical path management creates priority based planning and execution strategy to increase efficiencies and achieve deadlines


Our purpose based automations are workflow emphasized and creates valuable ease in operations, maintenance and scalability with minimum human resource and to achieve fast pace production and delivery.

System Integration

DIGISOL is a renowned name for the SI services in the Broadcast and Technology sector in Pakistan. As system integrator for more than 4 turnkey TV & Radio projects and for more than 100 partial projects. DIGISOL has shown its excellent grip on the subject. In addition to this, we design and built OB Vans, DSNGs and Satellite Uplink Setups.

Our Best Physiognomies Are

Broadcast Automation

Our Engineering team is expert for delivering automated workflow integrations for Transmission, Newsroom, Master Control room and Satellite Uplink automations.

MOS Ready Environment

We are the only integrator in the country having experience on implementing most of the integrated models available, i.e., ENPS, Octopus, Inception, D-Desk, with integrations with VIZ RT, WASP3D, VSN,ROSS Xpression, Athensa & Auto Scrip, Autocue, Fortinge, & VSN, Pebble Beach, Omneon,.

Support & Trainings

DIGISOL always believe to create value and help its clients to achieve improved value chain by providing them full support via annual SLAs and special acquisition of custom Training programs. These trainings include Technical & Operational trainings of desired Equipment, Standard Operational Procedures, Maintenance & other Value Added attributes to achieve maximum benefits out of those equipment and facilities.


Our Best Physiognomies Are

Fundamental Training

Our expert trainers help client’s workforce to understand basic fundamentals of the functional areas of their deputation.

On Call Support/Rescue

Our under SLA clients enjoys the luxury of on call rescue services by our Expert Engineers 24/7. Clients whom cannot afford trained technical workforce avail these services with minimal OPEX model.

Research & Analysis

Our team of experts also involve to carry out research work to identify the lacks in core competence and provide analytical solutions to achieve the goal to train the workforce, whom could create a competitive advantage.

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